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St Gregorys Catholic Middle School

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Important Dates

Forthcoming Events and Trips

  • Monday, 13 July: Year 7 trip to Aerial Extreme (Willen Lake, Milton Keynes)
  • Tuesday, 14 July:  Year 5 trip to Whipsnade Zoo (Nr Dunstable)
  • Wednesday, 15 July:  Year 6 trip to Wicksteed Park (Kettering)
  • Thursday, 16 July:  Year 8 Reward trip to Xscape (Milton Keynes)





Welcome to St Gregory's Catholic Middle School

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St Gregory's is the only Catholic Middle school in the Diocese of Northamptonshire (part of the St Francis of Assisi Academies Trust).  We are a vibrant, safe, caring and high achieving community which recognises the unique gifts and talents of all.  We strive to inspire and enable every member of our community to become the best that they can be.  We are a school where good behaviour is the norm with an ethos built on gospel values.

Our pupils thrive within a culture of aspiration and celebration where there is a clear commitment to the care and service of others.  There are no limits to our expectations for the pupils in all aspect of school life as reflected in our accreditation of the Quality Inclusion Mark, the International Schools Award, Basic Skills Award, Silver Eco Award, Gold Standard RE Mark and the Primary Science Award.  Our academic achievements mean that we are now in the top quartile of similar schools nationally.

We have an impressive record of sporting excellence, and offer a wide range of extra curricular enrichment  activities.  As Sporting School of the Year and proud recipients of the prestigious Gold School Games Kite Mark in 2014, our pupils have every opportunity to live to the full.

Frances Topa, Headteacher

Summer Term News

Bedford Catholic Schools are looking for Governors.  Please click on this link for further information.


See St Gregory's position as a 'School deemed Secondary' at the following link:   
As can be seen we are the top state school in Bedford.


I am delighted to inform you that we have our re-designation for the Quality Inclusion Mark.


We are delighted that we have been judged ‘Good’ in all of the areas under scrutiny and that the Inspectors have found much to celebrate, recognising our great improvement journey over the last few years.

The Head teacher and Assistant Head teachers have worked effectively to make the school a caring community in which pupils and staff can succeed ‘

During the Inspection, the community worked as we always do, as a cohesive unit and our pupils were amazing in the way that they conducted themselves. Their happiness and sense of well-being in school was very evident and the confidence with which they expressed their ideas was extremely impressive. The inspectors noted that:

‘Pupils are keen to learn’:

‘Good relationships in the classrooms contribute to a positive climate for learning’

‘Pupils are courteous, considerate and caring. Their good behaviour in lessons and around the school contributes to pupils feeling safe and supported.’

‘Pupils are proud of their school community and the ethos of tolerance and respect that is promoted.’

As parents, your positive views were taken into account and the confidence that you have in the school is reflected in the report.

There are some areas identified for further development which we will focus on as we continue to add to pupils’ memorable experiences through our rich, vibrant and challenging curriculum.


St Gregory's are delighted to announce that the Local Authority has placed us in their highest category of Dark Green for standards and achievements.  This is further external validation of the outstanding education we provide for the pupils in our exceptional community.


As part of our on-going development with our new catering provider, we are offering a Breakfast service each day in the Dining Hall from 8.00 - 8.30am.   Pupils will sit in the dining area, which will be supervised from 8.00am onwards.   Pupils are welcome to come along on any day and there is no need to book in the first instance. We will monitor the numbers as the term progresses.  All students will be given information leaflets on the menu available and the cost involved.

The menu and tariff can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Other recent news:

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